Review: China Airlines Lounge Taipei (T1)

by TwoHeartsTraveling
China Airlines Lounge Sign Taipei

China Airlines has a very nice lounge in the Taipei Taoyuan Airport (TPE) in Terminal 1. This isn’t surprising as it is the largest airline operating from the TPE airport and also the largest in all of Taiwan. I thoroughly enjoyed the relaxing decor with an authentic Oriental charm.

There are two other China Airlines lounges in the Taipei Airport, both in Terminal 2. While I did not have time to visit or review either on this trip as I was departing from Terminal 1, they don’t seem worth a special visit unless you are departing from Terminal 2. This is not the case with the lounge in Terminal 1 though!

Check out their website for a great virtual walk through!

Location in the Taipei Airport

Since I was departing from T1, lounge in this review is located in T1, 4F

The other two lounges are located in T2. 3F by gate D4, and 4F upper level

For the T1 lounge, after security turn right toward the A/D boarding gates area. At the end of the walkway you can turn left toward the A/D gates, or right toward premium lounges. Turn right 😉 There you will see an elevator that takes you up to level 4F and the lounge is right there.

You can also access the “B side” of the T1 lounge by turning left toward the B/D boarding gates after security. This lounge is not as large or nice as the “A side” T1 lounge I accessed, so to walk an extra few minutes I would recommend the latter (confusing?????)


China Airlines Lounge Access

Access is reserved for passengers who are either

  1. Departing on a business class or first class fair on China Airlines, Korean Air or Xiamen Air that day
  2. China Airlines Emerald or Paragon Members departing on a China Airlines or Mandarin Airlines flight that day (any class of service)
  3. SkyTeam Elite Plus members departing on a flight operated by a China Airlines, Korean Air or Xiamen Air that day
    1. The China Airlines Lounge in T2 can also be accessed by SkyTeam Elite Plus members departing on a flight operated by a China Airlines, Korean Air, Xiamen Air, China Southern, Delta or KLM that day.

Hours of operation 05:30-23:30 daily



On arrival, there was a team of four staff ready to welcome us into the lounge. The entrance to the lounge while minimalistic was very classy.

China Airlines Lounge Taipei Entrance

The entrance lead to a long hallway with several seating rooms on either side and a business center. While the hallway appeared to be something you may see leading to a dungeon, it was still very well designed.

To the right side half way down the hallway is an area for first class travelers, or China Airlines Paragon or Emerald elites.

At the end of the hallway is the entrance to the business class lounge.

China Airlines Lounge Taipei Business Class Sign



According to the China Airlines website the lounge design is based on a

NexGen design theme of “oriental literati aesthetics”, the China Airlines Lounge in Taoyuan airport T1 applies the fun of strolling in a Jiangnan (south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River) garden to its interior design.  Once stepping into the China Airlines Lounge, customers could immerse themselves in a natural and thick cultural atmosphere of the old days, completely serene and relaxing. A feeling of oriental calm both in physiology and psychology can be sensed”

The inside was quite beautiful. It felt like a perfect mix of upscale meets Oriental rustic charm. While overall the lighting was dim to create a calming ambiance, the seating areas had more than enough lighting to read and get work done. I really enjoyed being able to accomplish work while in the seating area, and actually wrote most of this lounge review there! 

China Airlines Lounge Taipei Seating

China Airlines Lounge Taipei Seating


Food and Drink

Towards the end of the main room was a buffet offering a wide selection of beverages (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), hot and cold food, and desserts. The breakfast food was mostly Taiwanese, but with high quality fresh ingredients. They even had a made to order noodle bar. Unfortunately I didn’t get to sample their lunch or dinner for this lounge review, but hopefully next time!

The drink selection was limited and self service, nothing impressive to note in this lounge review. I was slightly appalled to see Smirnoff offered as the vodka though. Maybe it’s a hot commodity in Taiwan?

China Airlines Lounge Taipei FoodChina Airlines Lounge Taipei DumplingsChina Airlines Lounge Taipei Breakfast FoodChina Airlines Lounge Taipei Breakfast FoodChina Airlines Lounge Taipei DessertsChina Airlines Lounge Taipei Drinks


Showers and Restrooms

The showers and restrooms were classy, clean and well maintained.



The wifi worked great and was fast while I was there, no issues for this lounge review.

There are day lockers for use and a business center if needed.


Lounge Review Conclusion

Overall I feel like the main China Airlines lounge in Taipei was above average, but not quite on the same par as other lounges like the Cathay Pacific lounges in Hong Kong, or Singapore Airlines lounges in Singapore. The decor was beautifully classy, rustic and relaxing. The breakfast food was predominantly Taiwanese but had high quality fresh ingredients. The facilities were well maintained and include showers. In this lounge review, I would rank this lounge as slightly above the EVA Air business class lounges (The Infinity and The Star), and likely the best business class lounge option in Taipei.

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